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Give banks the right to use .bank! 

And only banks, that’s what Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer at F-secure, has announced a few days ago. If financial institutions are the only ones that can use a bank-tld the end of phishing could be near. As we all know, a lot of phishing-site are exact copies of the original sites, and only the [...]

Debianserver compromised – Update 

It seems like again the debianservers are compromised. The devserver is penetrated, and they did shutdown the others servers because they don’t know what happend to It looks like it was CVE-2006-2451 and a compromised dev-account which made the server possible to hack.

And we’re back 

It seems like there was a little mix-up with our domainregistrer, and we were down for two days. It has been fixed now (as you can see )

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications phones home daily 

This week we wrote about DieselScripts wich phomeprocedure did send databasecredentials and this time it’s time for Microsoft to explain how their phonehomeprocedure works. It looks like WGAN phones home daily, what alarmed Lauren Weinstein to say WGAN is spyware. Microsoft disputes that notion. It said that WGA’s regular call home is innocent and done [...]

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